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Podcast #1: Tina Bryson & Corinna Gilligan talk about autism and The Whole Brain Child

Synergy Autism Podcast Raising Expectations Every Day ____________________ Our First Episode is Barbara Avila's Interview with   Dr. Tina Bryson and Barbara's friend and client, Corinna Gilligan.  Music composed by Paul Ashw orth, one of o ur very favorite young adults w ith autism. Voice and Editing by Robert Parish , digital media ex traordinaire and father of a son with au tism. To learn more about Tina Bryson, CLICK HERE and  to read about her center, The Center for Connection, CLICK HERE To learn more about Barbara Avila and Synergy A utism Center , CLICK HERE To learn more about Robert Parish , CLICK HERE To learn more about Paul Ashworth and C orinna Gilligan, pleas e email us and we will see if the y are open to being contacted. In the interview, Tina mentions   Stephen Porgess' Polyvagal Theory Pat Ogden's work regarding Affect, Regulation, and Trama L. Alan Sroufe's work in The Development of A Person D r. Dan iel S ie