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Episode #13: BEHAVIOR BABBLE! Home Versus School Behaviors with Pam Smith

When Behaviors Happen Only At Home or Only At School

For more information about Pam and Barb, check out their websites:

Here are few resources we shared and/or alluded to during our conversation and/or ones that we find immensely helpful in our work:

A broken feedback loop between the parent and child when the child has Autism is discussed in this article. It is a mainstream article that glosses over some of the research but can be a good starting point if you want more information on how the feedback between parent and child can be impacted.

Effects of Teacher Greetings on Student On-Task Behavior: This 2007 study of the effect of a simple verbal interaction with each middle schooler in a class goes to the part of the conversation where Barb was referring to a greeting from a teacher to a child impacts the attention to task during class. h…

Epidode #12: BEHAVIOR BABBLE! When a child is "being bad" with Pam Smith

Barbara and Pam discuss the notion that children are not being bad when they exhibit a
challenging behavior. They delve deeper into one specific case that Pam brings up where
a child is being characterized as choosing to engage in difficult behaviors or is “being bad”.
They talk through how they support families and school teams to move past that thinking
to understand that behavior is communication.

Barb's main website:
Pam's main website:

Here are few resources we shared and/or eluded to during our conversation and/or ones that we find
immensely helpful in our work:

Ross Greene Lives in Balance (wrote Collaborative Problem Solving which he has since renamed Collaborative and
Proactive Solutions)

Stuart Shanker Helps us move from thinking a behavior is bad to a behavior being a stress response. Excellent book and resources - available through his website

Temple Grandin Well known speake…