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Introducing Corinna Gilligan with Tina Bryson this week!

Tina Bryson is rescheduled to this coming week's time-slot due to some professional ventures with her new center (which I am sure she will tell us about). The fun part of having to reschedule is having a bit more time to think about the podcast and how to make it even better! We will be having one of my very favorite client-mums on the podcast with me in the conversation with Tina. Corinna Gilligan is a brilliant, savvy, and experienced mother. Her son is now 13 years old and enjoys recent adventures in bicycling, summer camps, and his fair share of computer gaming. Her son is verbal, especially for echolalic statements (rote or repeated phrases) and is receptively more aware than he is able to verbally communicate.  Corinna has a wealth of experiences in different interventions for her son, has raised 2 other now-grown boys, and has lived all over the world. I just know you will love having her on the podcast with Tina Bryson, giving us both the parent and professio

Listening and learning

Hello all. I am so encouraged by the numbers of people who said they are looking forward to this podcast. The people I have already and those I plan to have in the future are wonderful and innovative while helping all of us understand autism. I am in the midst of the editing phase of podcasting. I am listening to podcasts on podcasting, reading how-to books and websites, and realizing that the editing/production part is a much bigger undertaking than I can integrate into my currently highly/over scheduled life. That said, I am tremendously motivated to bring this podcast and these people to you. I am both seeking those to help me AND more time to devote to the production. It will happen! I am also thinking and working on the mission of this podcast. Loosely, I want to break down the walls of competition between so many interventions for autism. We (those in the field of autism) have not yet figured out the best way to even describe autism let alone how or even what to address su

Introducing Tina Bryson, Ph.D

Tina Bryson brings neuroscience into the hands of parents so that children can be "happy, healthy, and fully themselves." I am incredibly happy to announce that the fabulous Tina Bryson, Ph.D. has agreed to have a discussion with me on this podcast. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tina twice, when she has visited Portland to present twice over the past 3 years. Her work is incredibly inspirational to me as a parent and as a professional guiding parents with children with severely challenging behaviors. Tina brings together what we understand about brain development into the realm of real-time parenting in a way that makes sense, allows us to better understand our children, and have higher expectations of our children growing "to be happy, healthy, and fully themselves." HERE is a wonderful article about Tina Bryson in Arroyo Monthly, where you can learn more about her and her work... until you hear her her on Synergy Autism Podcast!

The Music by Paul Ashworth!

I am thrilled to announce that the music for this podcast is set! One of my wonderful friends, Paul Ashworth, who is a young autistic adult, has been composing music with his long time piano teacher. He and his family have graciously agreed to let me use one of his beautiful pieces for the podcast you will hear each time. More coming soon as I attempt the editing end of things... Barb