Sunday, July 26, 2015

Listening and learning

Hello all. I am so encouraged by the numbers of people who said they are looking forward to this podcast. The people I have already and those I plan to have in the future are wonderful and innovative while helping all of us understand autism.

I am in the midst of the editing phase of podcasting. I am listening to podcasts on podcasting, reading how-to books and websites, and realizing that the editing/production part is a much bigger undertaking than I can integrate into my currently highly/over scheduled life. That said, I am tremendously motivated to bring this podcast and these people to you. I am both seeking those to help me AND more time to devote to the production. It will happen!

I am also thinking and working on the mission of this podcast. Loosely, I want to break down the walls of competition between so many interventions for autism. We (those in the field of autism) have not yet figured out the best way to even describe autism let alone how or even what to address succinctly. We all have our own perspectives about what and why autism is "on the rise." Instead of using valuable time and energy to debunk what seem like "competing" interventions, why not consider why some people are finding each intervention helpful? Maybe there is something valuable in every intervention out there or simply a need there that we should all address. Yes, we need evidence based practices to protect people and ensure best practice. However, we already know that nothing has 100% efficacy rates. We know that there are children who become anxious and/or lose ground with one intervention over another. If we are upset and wishing to protect new families from fraud businesses/interventions, maybe we should work on educating parents to be the best consumers possible. If we wish to protect families from harmful interventions, maybe we should have open dialogue about what works for some families and not others, and why. Parents/you are smart and know your children. You can be empowered through information from those who have been experiencing autism for many years before you. I hope that this podcast provides you a place to hear from professionals, parents, and those with autism in a manner that guides you to better understanding without feeling like you have to take sides.

Each child and each family is unique. Let's all listen and learn from one another to understand autism together.

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