Saturday, July 11, 2015

Introducing Tina Bryson, Ph.D

Tina Bryson brings neuroscience into the hands of parents so that children can be "happy, healthy, and fully themselves."

I am incredibly happy to announce that the fabulous Tina Bryson, Ph.D. has agreed to have a discussion with me on this podcast. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tina twice, when she has visited Portland to present twice over the past 3 years. Her work is incredibly inspirational to me as a parent and as a professional guiding parents with children with severely challenging behaviors.

Tina brings together what we understand about brain development into the realm of real-time parenting in a way that makes sense, allows us to better understand our children, and have higher expectations of our children growing "to be happy, healthy, and fully themselves."

HERE is a wonderful article about Tina Bryson in Arroyo Monthly, where you can learn more about her and her work... until you hear her her on Synergy Autism Podcast!

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