Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Episode 11- The Boy Who Dives Under the Table

Hello and welcome to another episode of our wonderful Synergy Autism Podcast.

Today, I am chatting with my good friend and colleague, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. She was working with a classroom team in one of her trainings who was perplexed as to what to do for and with a child who dives under the table at the end of the day.

Listen in as we "unpack" what to do in the middle of the storm but then also how to return to the issue to teach and support in different ways. We explore what to do to:
  • Decrease stressors
  • Engage your whole classroom team in decreasing stressors
  • Engage a parent who is there to pick up the child
An extra special thank you to Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak for another great question for us to discuss and share with you.

A couple of our favorite resources we mentioned during this podcast:

Our website for further exploration for teachers, parents, and administrators:

And my main website where I have links to local and online training and support services specializing in autism:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Episode 10: When A Child Will Only Be Held

Listen in to episode 10 where Barbara Avila and Kristie Pretti-Frontczak discuss a question Kristie got from the field (early childhood preschool classrooms)....

What do you do when a child will only be held and will "meltdown" if put down onto the floor, a chair, or elsewhere? How can that child be successful and how can I run a classroom when I am having to hold a child all day!?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Episode 9: When A Child Just Won't Join The Group!

When a child says "NO WAY!" verbally or through their behavior - what do you do?!?

What IEP or IFSP can you possibly write?

What do you do when they refuse to join?

In this podcast, I am speaking with Dr. Kristi Pretti-Fronczak. We answer a question from one of her ECSE teams about a child who just won't join the group or any other activity for that matter. The team wants to know how to teach and what IEP/IFSP goals to write when this happens. Listen in as we hash this one out together!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode #8: Consult regarding child with autism who seems to eat constantly

Synergy Autism Podcast - Episode #8
With Kristie Pretty-Frontczak and Barbara Avila

In this episode of the Synergy Autism Podcast, Kristie and I chat about a child who seems to eat constantly. Kristie travels the United States providing professional development trainings for early childhood classrooms and was asked about a child with autism who is featured in this episode. We do not use names or identifying information.

Listen in for a few tips and ideas for connecting with a child with similar issues and to connect home and school surrounding eating concerns and/or needs.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Episode 7: Interview with Jonathan Chase

Interview with Jonathan Chase

Fall 2016

Jonathan Chase is an autism advocate, musician, magician and now an author. Please listen in to this wonderful conversation with Jonathan about his life, his mission to help students in schools today and in the future. His new book is called From Surviving to Thriving: Classroom Accommodations for Students on the Spectrum and can be purchased on Amazon HERE.

Jonathan's website is:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episode 6: Sound bytes from parents who have been there

Episode 6: Sound Bytes from Parents who have been there

Listen in to clips from each of our wonderful interviews. If you like one, find the full podcast below. But you might really enjoy this short compilation put together by my fabulous sound engineer, Robert Parish.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Podcast #5: Joyce Bernheim on the importance of targeting the social-emotional aspects of autism

Please listen in to my good friend's story about going from being a high powered health care business attorney to being a parent. She shares her shift in focus from the logical and literal to the social emotional and neuroscience of autism.

Joyce Bernheim is the mother of Paul Ashworth, whose music is featured on this podcast.