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Episode #28: Inclusion and the Autistic Child

Barb is joined by Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak in this fabulous episode where we go deep into the complex issue of inclusion. We ask listeners to consider the law while also viewing inclusion through the lens of social justice. Listen in. We think you will feel validated and inspired. "Progress does not take place like a shot out of a pistol; it takes the labor and suffering of the negative. How to use the negative as a way to advance the positive is our challenge." ~  Grace Lee Boggs Synergy Autism Podcast · Episode #28: Inclusion and the Autistic Child Some of the references mentioned in the podcast were: Inclusive School (Julie Causton) Simple Interactions Crip Camp Documentary Janice Fialka Laura Fish Ijumaa Jordan HeadS

Episode #27: Allowing Processing Time

In this podcast, Barb explains the why behind giving people on the autism spectrum processing time then into how. There are neurological reasons not to mention the emotional benefits of feeling heard and your ideas respected. And as always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, you can always email me at Synergy Autism Podcast · Episode #27: Allow Processing Time

Episode # 26: Having and Keeping High Expectations

Autistic people have fabulous ideas, amazing and wicked senses of humor at times. We need to raise our expectations of their contributions to the world in the smaller day to day moments so that they can thrive. Listen in to hear why and how to assume intent and raise expectations. Synergy Autism Podcast · Episode #26: Having and keeping high expectations

Episode #24: How to apply the 4 S's to Autism and Secure Attachments

The book by Tina Payne Bryson and Daniel Siegel is called The Power of Showing Up. It helps us understand the importance of showing up for our kids by highlighting attachment science. The simple acts of showing up and creating secure attachments ensures success in future relationships and life in general. So how does this play out with children with autism? Here I share my thoughts on the 4 Ss: Safe, Soothed, Seen, and Secure and how each can easily be ensured for children with autism. Synergy Autism Podcast · Episode #24: How to apply the 4Ss to Autism for Secure Attachments

Episode #25: The Essential Nature of Self Care and Self-Soothing

Guiding someone with autism (or anyone for that matter) requires you taking care of you! Listen in to this absolute essential core need and WHY it is important for those on spectrum/autistic individuals. Synergy Autism Podcast · Episode #25: The Essential Nature of Self Care & Self Soothing Resources (just to get your search started - there are many) Life Balance Wheel Healthy Mind Platter Box or Square Breathing