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Episode #23: Kathy Shean-Jones & Phoebe MacRae on the Anat Baniel Method

Pam Smith and I were lucky enough to have Kathy Shean-Jones and Phoebe MacRae join us for a conversation about their use of the Anat Baniel Method - Neuromovement. They both have practices here in the Portland Metro area and collaborate for and with clients using ABM. In this podcast, they share what lead them to the use of this method as well as explaining the approach including the 9 essentials that serve as guidelines for their work. Anat Baniel Method - Neuromovement: Kathy Shean-Jones' business website: Phoebe MacRae's business website: Other Links from Kathy and Phoebe! Our collective email account Our joint Facebook Page- Kids Beyond Limits from  Amazon   Upcoming Three for Three Immersions  are   listed on our FB events page and below Registration Links for upcoming Three for Three Immersions Ja