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Episode #20: Behavior Babble on From Surviving to Thriving in School!

Book From Surviving to Thriving: Classroom Accommodations for Students on the Autism Spectrum By Jonathan Chase Self-published and available on Amazon The author His website: His TEDX Talk: Music as a window into the autistic mind Interview with Jonathan on this Synergy Autism Podcast - Episode #7 Summary of our thoughts on the book Behavior Babble listeners will enjoy this quick and informative read from advocate, author, and mentor with Autism, Jonathan Chase. Jonathan’s focus on classroom accommodations is thorough, contains specific recommendations, and is rooted in a larger context of why a student with Autism might need one type of support or another.  Barb and Pam noticed a consistent theme of supporting students to have choices and agency in their own learning. Whether you are starting the school year off or jumping in midstream, it is never too late to support young people through classroom accommodations that could make life easie