Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Episode #13: BEHAVIOR BABBLE! Home Versus School Behaviors with Pam Smith

When Behaviors Happen Only At Home or Only At School

For more information about Pam and Barb, check out their websites:

Here are few resources we shared and/or alluded to during our conversation and/or ones
that we find immensely helpful in our work:

A broken feedback loop between the parent and child when the child has Autism is discussed in this
article. It is a mainstream article that glosses over some of the research but can be a good starting
point if you want more information on how the feedback between parent and child can be impacted.

Effects of Teacher Greetings on Student On-Task Behavior: This 2007 study of the effect of a
simple verbal interaction with each middle schooler in a class goes to the part of the conversation
where Barb was referring to a greeting from a teacher to a child impacts the attention to task
during class.

And a couple of fun videos of teachers doing the above with students:
3rd Grade Teacher in Wichita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VzOmZ4bdTw

Inclusion resource that we love….

One of my all-time favorite TEDtalks on supporting creativity (and neurodiversity by default)
in schools:

We love Pam’s social goal regarding a student engaging in contingent exchanges rather than
just “turn taking.” Here is a sample:
A student will actively participate in up to 4 contingent exchanges with a familiar adult then a
less familiar adult then a peer across settings. A contingent exchange is either verbal and/or
nonverbal (e.g., Student asks peer “can I have a crayon, please.” Peer nods and holds out
crayons. Student takes the container of crayons and says “thank you.” Peer says “your welcome.”)

Conformity and autism - the autistic perspective. A great resource for learning more about
autism from the inside perspective.

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